You're Doing It Wrong: Overeating on Thanksgiving

Great food is the key to a happy Thanksgiving but it’s also the reason your pants might feel a little tighter when you get back to work next week. (If you’re anything like Chrissy Teigen, who Instagrammed her homemade desserts last year, you’re not going to say no to pie!)

“In most cases, the mindset over the holiday is ‘I’ll wait until the new year to get in shape,'” celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell, who will be featured on Khloe Kardashian‘s new series Khloe’s Revenge Bodies, told E!. “Stuffing our faces becomes the norm when, in fact, this is the time to step up your workout routine and really watch what you eat.” It might not be what you want to hear, but if you can curb your choices (even just a little) you’ll be surprised with the difference it can make.  

Here are the celeb trainer’s top tips on keeping holiday weight gain at bay.

It’s Thanksgiving, Not the Last Supper: “Portion control is important. Take a small sample of everything, but don’t overfill your plate,” said Mitchell. “And wait at least 45 minutes before you go for seconds. Give your stomach time to catch up with your brain. You may just realize you’re not hungry enough for a second helping after all.”

Walk Off That Turkey and Stuffing: Don’t sit around eating all day. “Recruit some people and go for a walk,” suggested Mitchell. “Or if it’s too cold to walk, stay inside, put some music on and dance.” Not only will it burn calories, it’s good for connecting with others, which is what Thanksgiving is really all about anyway, right?

Eat Dinner Before Hitting the Party: “The best way to avoid eating a ton of appetizers and sweets is to have a full meal beforehand,” advised Mitchell. “You’ll have a full belly and be less tempted to indulge.” In other words, it’s OK to have a shrimp cocktail, but don’t inhale the tray.

Avoid Sugary Cocktails: Alcohol is OK, but those cosmos and apple martinis have got to go. “I always recommend tequila and soda with lots of limes,” Mitchell shared. “If not that, Tito’s vodka. I love wine as much as anyone, but it’s an easy way to down too much sugar. And after every cocktail, have a glass of water.”


Plan Your Workouts: When the holiday schedule starts to get packed, the first thing to go is usually your workout. “You have to make it a priority and take a no-excuses approach,” says Mitchell. “Put your workout in your calendar and make sure it’s a time of day that can’t be moved around. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.”

Make the Meals You Can in Advance: You’re going to splurge on the big day, but try to be good when you can control it. Avoid binging on that tub of holiday popcorn at the office by coming prepared. “Have your food for the day already set. Bring your lunch to work. It will keep you from eating a lot of crap when you’re on an empty stomach,” advised the pro. In other words, less snacks and more meals is the way to go.

Worst case scenario? You overdo it and workout just a little harder next week. 

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