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With the US passing the one million infections mark and cases in Jamaica rising by double-digit figures daily, local rapper 12 Gaddi is urging his fellow countrymen to take the coronavirus seriously. The rapper, who resides in the US, says he has had a first-hand look at the devastation being caused by the pandemic, and says Jamaicans need to adhere to the rules stipulated to the Government in order to avoid a catastrophic outbreak.

“We really have to be vigilant. The only way we’re going to overcome this is if we stand together as a nation. Jamaicans have a tendency to make light of serious matters, given our positive spirit, but this is no time for jokes. I am in a place where hundreds are dying daily,” he said, while calling for political unity. “The PNP and JLP nonsense is not important right now. It’s not worth it to put your fellow citizens in danger because you want to prove your affiliation with a party.”

Heed to warnings

The rapper said that if Jamaicans should take heed to warnings, the nation should be able to recover quickly.

“Survival is a part of the Jamaican gene. We are a strong nation, and we need to cooperate with each other to fight this unseen enemy. We all possess that unique quality that has brought us through numerous trials in the past, but if we are divided, we will surely fall,” he said, urging Jamaicans to stay inside so that going outside can become a possibility once more.

“I was looking forward to making appearances at Sumfest and Dream Weekend this year, but such is life. It’s best to live to fight another day. And we want to go back to our normal lives as soon as possible, so let’s just stay inside for now so that we can go outside again soon,” he said.

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