9 Acts of Kindness You Can Spread in Your Neighborhood Today

Never underestimate the power of a good neighbor.

As the Coronavirus continues to keep families at home, many residents are practicing social distancing while also spreading some much-needed kindness.

No matter the state, zip code or community, kids and adults are getting creative and bringing smiles to friends and strangers alike thanks to their simple yet powerful deeds.

For some, it’s as simple as putting up Christmas lights in the middle of April. Others are pulling out teddy bears to inspire adventure. Whatever the case may be, the ideas are making a difference and bringing communities closer together.

“If there is anything my students take away from being in my classroom, it’s the importance of being kind. As we have moved into a Remote Learning environment, these values certainly do not change. In fact, if there is a time for kindness and compassion, it’s now,” Hawthorn Elementary School North teacher Allison Wengerhoff shared with E! News from Vernon Hills, Illinois. “I continue to encourage my students to spread positivity by performing acts of kindness at home and in their communities. It is my hope to empower my students so that, even during a time of so much uncertainty, they can continue to support one another and make a difference, because at the end of the day, that’s what is going to get us through.”

With the weekend quickly approaching, we wanted to spotlight some ideas that many of you can do as soon as today.

As a wise one once said: A small act of kindness can make a big difference in a person’s day. Get inspired in our gallery below.

Ally Cuza/Twitter

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus

Allison Wengerhoff/Twitter

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus


Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus

Patricia Soltani

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus

Jason Sterling/Twitter

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus

Ray Vautier/Twitter

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus

Whitney Saoud/Twitter

Neighborhood Acts of Kindness, Coronavirus


People Are Putting up Christmas Lights To Spread Cheer

@hcj_home, Heather Johnson

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