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Abihail Myrie, daughter of popular recording artiste Buju Banton, has been baptised. The 21-year-old social media influencer shared images of her baptism on Instagram, where she described it as “one for the books”.

“Today was the best day of my life. It has truly been an experience, one for the books! I’m happy that I was able to document it all. I’ve fought, learned, faced public humiliation, cried, got back up, listened and trusted God. All in the name of Christ. And I’m now I am home,” shared Myrie.

The caption stated that she had lost friends and family along her journey and that while it came as a surprise to her, it was necessary. “I had to lose. I couldn’t go forward with them. I wouldn’t be able to fulfil my purpose and share this testimony with you all,” she wrote.

In her post, Myrie revealed that she has been in a delicate state. “I’ve been my most vulnerable self, stripped of all my layers, both physical and emotional, in order to gain what has been so much more fulfilling,” she said.

“It was all worth it. I am better, stronger, much wiser and am able to proudly say that I am truly a child of God. and thank you to everyone who fought silently with me,” the young Myrie continued.

Myrie has been at the centre of public attention for several weeks following a post she made about a family riff that alleged turned physical.

She was reported missing on October 12, a claim which she rejected through her attorney, Aisha Robb. “I am aware of the policies of the JCF as it relates to missing persons. When Miss Myrie feels it is safe, at the appropriate juncture, she [will] present herself to the police,” said Robb at the time.

Calls to Myrie went unanswered.

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