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Agent Sasco has always supported his daughter LC’s love for music. When she was six years old, LC, given name Lauren Campbell, released her debut single, I Am Foodie, alongside her brother, Joshua.

The now nine-year-old is sharing vocals with her father on their first duet. Agent Sasco told THE STAR that collaborating with her is “like a dream that you didn’t even dare to dream, becoming reality”.

“It means a lot to me that we both have a passion and love for music, and it’s something we can share,” he said. “She loves music and sings basically all day long, and that’s the only motivation she needs. We never get into the outcomes, just having fun and learning more about the creative process itself.”

Their track, Caterpillars Can Fly, was released last Friday. Inspired by the motivational literary masterpiece, If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I by Alvin Day, the single aims to show persons that soaring to great heights is not mission impossible despite the challenges one may face.


“The real purpose of the song is to be a kind of musical summary of the book. I would hope that it can evoke the kind of inspiration and empowerment that the book delivers,” Agent Sasco said. “The book really reinforced a lot of the principles that I already have been exposed to and principles I try to live by. To see how they have also been employed in Mr Day’s journey was added motivation to continue along that path.”

And their message seems to be resonating with listeners, as YouTube users have dubbed the track something out of a Disney movie that has ‘movie soundtrack potential’. Marlon Burke, Agent Sasco’s manager, told THE STAR that he had similar thoughts once he saw the lyric video.

“I spoke with Calvin Hunter on Friday, who is Alvin’s business partner, and when I talked to him, I told him that I really think this should be on Disney or a Nickelodeon or something on that type of vibe,” he said. “That is where we would love for it to go, and we’re going to put some energy behind it to get it to where it deserves to be.”

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