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Recording artiste Ajji (formerly Ajrenalin), who went ‘live for the summer’ with a hit last year, is already stirring the pot with his opinions of the dancehall music industry.

The deejay is expected to come under fire after stating that ‘dancehall is f*****y’ in a recent vlog feature for clothing brand The Bridge Apparel.

Ajji explained to THE STAR that despite the cons of the music industry, he continues to pursue his aspirations to be a mainstream act and to contribute to dancehall.

“Dancehall unlike other genres is not nurturing, it’s crab inna barrel. Unprofessionalism mainly exists in the music and most of all, the lack of unity,” he said. “I talk from my heart and I understand that because I can’t be a hypocrite, there will always be consequences to that. Already, I’m in a business that’s built on hypocrisy; but I do music because I love music.”

He said that nothing is wrong with the music or with any artiste but that something is holding down the genre.

“Fundamentally, the genre should be bigger than even Afro [Afrobeats]. How can a genre that birth so many genres like even hip hop be the least lucrative? Something wrong with that,” he said.

The artiste said that he is not trying to shatter the dreams of anyone who wishes to record music and excel in the dancehall genre, but offering some “realness” for persons to interpret on their own.

Ajji shared “I have realised over the years, the only thing I’ve gotten from being outspoken are a very few real people who respect my brand and tons of people who share the same beliefs but hate for my boldness to make certain talk, so dem nuh like me for it.” He further opined that “dancehall is not for the weak” and that anyone offended by his opinions, may not be built for the industry.

Ajji feels he has demonstrated strength and willpower over the past decade and even more throughout the pandemic as an artiste with the potential to gain a major breakthrough in the mainstream market. His singles Clean Babe on Usain Bolt’s Clockwork rhythm and Bad Gal Anthem are being picked up by North American radio stations.

“Sure, the pandemic has had its downsides but ironically it has been rewarding for me. It would appear that people had more time to stream songs that they like, and more streams equal more fans for me. The only drawback is that there aren’t many shows,” he said. “I’m not here to watch how individuals operate but here to watch and learn the music business as its own entity.”

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