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Loose Ball, the latest single from fast-rising dancehall artiste Akino Dirtfree, is currently creating a buzz for the Tivoli Gardens, Kingston native.

“The song is about dancehall lifestyle and mi just basically try my best to capture as much people as possible with the lyrics. Di song can appeal to di woman dem, di gangster dem, the young yutes, the hustlers, everybody,” he said. “This is the single that can get me on the map the right way. The flow new and fresh and a dat people need inna music right now.”

He admitted that it’s never easy to find a hit song.

“Mi record so much music and sit back and wonder which one ago dweet and a Loose Ball keep on coming up and mi just drop it. The way di people dem a react to it, mi know say a it dis,” he said.

Previously, Akino Dirtfree appeared on the widely popular Numbers Don’t Lie rhythm produced by Dane Ray, who is most recognised for his work on Koffee’s Lockdown track.

The deejay told THE STAR that working with the popular producer has boosted his appeal.

“He (Dane Ray) was making huge moves underground and so was I, so people always used to refer me to him and him to me. He eventually started listening to my music and sent me the Numbers Don’t Lie riddim. Me have a song on it name Head and Shoulder weh really make things excel fi mi,” he shared. “Mi learn a whole heap from him because he understands the core of music and mi did need that. Mi a work on a mixtape right now and we link up again and record some more songs.”

In addition to the mixtape, the entertainer, who was recently signed to Atlanta-based music label, Programme Over Everything Music (P.O.E.M), is preparing a 12-track EP.

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