Alert Your Thunder Buddy: A Ted Prequel Series Is Happening

Thunder buddies for life.

On Thursday, June 10, Peacock revealed that a Ted prequel series is heading to the NBCUniversal streaming service. Of course, the new series will be based on the 2012 comedy, which followed the hijinks of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and his best friend Ted (Seth MacFarlane), a teddy bear brought to life by a wish.

However, the teddy bear is no sweet children’s toy as, after growing up with John, Ted is one swear-loving character. So, you can understand the film’s R rating.

Although Seth, who is best known for creating the hit animated series Family Guy, has signed on to executive produce the series with Erica Huggins for Fuzzy Door, the streaming service noted that he’s “in negotiations to reprise the voice of the iconic and lovable foul-mouthed teddy bear.”

Furthermore, since the new show is being described as a prequel series, it’s unclear if Mark will be involved.

We can’t say we’re surprise that Peacock has chosen to give Ted the TV treatment. As mentioned in their announcement, the film was “the highest grossing original R-rated comedy of all time.”

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