All the Burning Questions the iCarly Revival Must Answer

Of the four episodes of the new iCarly that have dropped so far, the latest one is definitely the most surreal. 

In “iGot Your Back,” Spencer (Jerry Trainor) wants Freddie (Nathan Kress) to get back into the dating game after the divorced “short king” fails to realize a PostRabbit delivery girl is flirting with him. Spencer thinks that maybe his rocket scientist friend Ramona might be interested, but it turns out she isn’t, so Spencer hires a girl to pretend to be Ramona. While he thinks he hired her from the TaskRabbit/Postmates mashup PostRabbit, he was actually using a very different service called Eager Bunny, which is for hiring sex workers. So, as Freddie continues to date the fake, non-rocket scientist Ramona, Spencer’s shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for every hour they date. 

Spencer agonizes over whether or not to tell Freddie, but when Freddie says things didn’t work out with Ramona because she kept having to leave for “nuclear physicist emergencies,” he simply decided not to say anything at all about how he had hired a woman on a sex worker app to deceive Freddie. This show certainly ain’t for kids no more!

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