All The Revelations in the Bella Twins’ New Book Incomparable

The Bella Twins’ book is finally here.

Today marks the release of Brie Bella and Nikki Bella‘s new memoir, Incomparable, and you can get an exclusive sneak peek here. In the above clip, you’ll not only hear snippets from the book, but also get an inside look at the process of recording the audiobook version, available from Simon & Schuster Audio.

“And so, at a young age, Brie and I decided we did not want to be victims. Instead, we wanted to be survivors, the heroes of our own stories, to take control and responsibility for our lives,” Nikki reads in the video. “It’s a fine line and hard to do—acknowledging that you have been a victim, that you have been wronged, but at the same time not letting the victimhood continue to take your life hostage.”

Next, you get a glimpse of Brie, who’s reading the final lines of Incomparable‘s introduction. 

“The following pages are not promo cutting, they are reality,” she says into a microphone. “And while some of the storylines in the ring have not been ‘true,’ this overall through line is: We are the heroes of our own story, and our story is our own to make. While we experienced some of our stories together, a lot of it happened to us individually, and we had to go it alone—even though we are identical twins, our stories are incomparable. And your story will be incomparable, too.”

These stories told in the book date back to the twins’ childhood, covering everything from their parents’ tumultuous relationship to the various relationships they found themselves in as they attended high school. Nikki even shares multiple past rape experiences during her teen years in one very emotional chapter.

From tough beginnings to their super successful WWE careers and becoming the stars of E!’s Total Divas and Total Bellas, Nikki and Brie don’t hold anything back. Check out all of the revelations made in Incomparable in the gallery below.

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