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Anju Blaxx, one of the producers known for burning the midnight oil, said that there has been much need to change the way he does that, mindful of the possibilities that Jamaica would eventually go on complete lockdown.

“The global pandemic, COVID-19, is going to affect everything, because the world, as we know it, is seeing persons dying. Both producers and recording artistes can’t act like music is bigger than everything else,” Anju Blaxx told THE WEEKEND STAR. “I have a few projects working on at the studio, but I have switched up the hours. Like today, I got in from 8 a.m. and I will leave about 5:30 p.m.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness imposed a night-time curfew for seven days which began on Wednesday, April 1 at 8 p.m. It may affect some persons, said Anju Blaxx, as it is a time when many are at their highest level of creativity or can focus outside of the day-to-day activities with family or other responsibilities.


“Either way, people should adhere to the curfew and listen to what the lawmakers say to do. When it comes to music, you can’t stop it and most producers have a laptop and can stay home and create or even work in the day time,” he said. “Nuff people a complain about the curfew, but the fact is, when you sick and dead what can you complain about?”

Another producer, Calibud, also shared that working from home is the order of the day.

“The only difference is when there is a need to work with someone to record harmonies. If the artiste can’t work within the time, it’s on to another project,” he said.

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