Artistes condemn murder of Khanice Jackson – Vow to fight for justice for all women | Entertainment

As news of accounting clerk Khanice Jackson’s death broke last Friday, social media was flooded with cries denouncing her murder.

Countless entertainers have voiced their disgust at the killing including Beenie Man, Masicka, Jada Kingdom and Aidonia. Some have since put their emotions into songs with Popcaan officially releasing his track, Jungle Justice (Part Twice) last Saturday.

In an interview with THE STAR, the track’s producer Dane Ray revealed that the song was written and recorded in January as Popcaan wanted to address certain issues that ‘vexed’ his spirit. He said news of the 20-year-old’s murder fueled the Unruly Boss’ passion to release the track.

“He wants to see an end to these crimes and so he’s always venting about it. Him have sister, him have a daughter and him have a mother and we all know how close he is to them and how him feel bout dem. So it’s a issue that will touch him more than others,” he said. “Popcaan nuh need free promotions and as an award-winning producer, me nuh need clout. So when we jump pan a topic like this is not for attention. We just wah the right things fi happen because we a feel the pain for all the girls dem.”

Dane Ray added that as music professionals, artistes and producers are often blamed for many of the ills facing society. He explained that when issues like these arise, they have a social responsibility to denounce them publicly.

We have daughters

“We might nuh know the victims personally but we have daughters, girlfriends, aunts, sisters, mothers and these things can happen to anybody in reality,” he said. “This girl was just 20 years old going to work when dis happen. We nuh like it and we a go try everything inna we power to fight against it. Some a di man dem probably a listen the song dem and, hopefully, by hearing the words, dem can get the message and stop do weh dem a do.”

Teejay, who also took to social media to express his feelings in song form, noted that as a father, brother and son, news of women being hurt and killed affect him.

“A nuh everybody a go sing bout it and yuh can’t force people fi talk bout weh dem nuh wah talk ’bout. But to me, it is important for us as entertainers to talk about this because it wrong. We sing di grimy songs dem all di while but there is a line weh we nuffi cross and we affi make it known,” he said. “Mi fret fi my likkle daughter innu. A one daughter me get. Mi mother get one daughter too, dat a my likkle sister. So mi affi play my part fi raise awareness on this and call out the wrongs when me seet. This is a everybody problem because we all have women inna we life weh we care bout and wah protect.”

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