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As Jamaicans prepare for the impending all-island weekend lockdowns, recording artiste Chuck Fenda believes that “stress and tribulation are killing the people more than the virus itself”.

“Being in the streets, I often meet persons who share their stories with me and all I can hear now instead of talking, is crying,” he told THE STAR. “There are so many Jamaicans who hustle, not because that’s what they would rather do, but it is all they can do. And most of them are able to do more, or earn more on the weekend. We talking persons who sell in the market, do a one job, a likkle gardening, the woman who sell soup, and I am worried for them because is nuff sufferation ahead, it is getting tougher by the day.”

He also said that the way the new COVID measures were presented don’t make any sense.

“People have to eat, and there are citizens, believe it or not, who only get a good meal on the weekend,” Chuck Fenda said. He also stated that the Government could have taken other measures and if not, “should have offered assistance by offering care packages”. Yesterday, Finance Minister Nigel Clarke announced that money would be available through the Constituency Development Fund to assist persons during the weekend lockdowns.


Echo One Sound System’s Fire Wayne expressed concern for persons who don’t have a way to show they are essential workers, thus limiting their ability to move during curfew hours.

“These people are essential to their families and I don’t think the Government had their best interests at heart,” Fire Wayne said. He opined that stopping illegal gatherings to help stem the spread of COVID-19 was only one strategy.

“Nowhere else ram like tax office ah day time. These measures have nothing to do with the people who break the rules and have illegal parties. And ah dat alone keep on ah get the blame. An increase in awareness means more persons getting tested,” he said.

Fire Wayne noted that when he arrived in Jamaica from Florida earlier this year, authorities only took his telephone number.

“And the only time I heard from them after that was a call to say my 14-day quarantine was officially over,” Fire Wayne shared. “Times going get crazier. Continue on this path and more people (will) rebel and lash out. That’s what I see coming and it already ah happen as people and police a war in the streets.”

Richie Spice suggested that without proper measures to cushion the hit families are experiencing, there will be more challenges for the public.

“School cut out for some children. What happens when there are no mechanisms in place for the youths to get proper education? There are things that need attention,” Richie Spice said. “Something is going around, ’cause we see people getting sick and yes, we have to take necessary precautions. But sometimes curfews make things worse. If weekend, country lock down, it mean seh everybody bungle up between Thursday and Friday to meet the strict deadlines, so possibly more chance for it to spread.”

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