May 07, 2021

A scene from ASHE’s ‘CHILL’N with Mom’.

The ASHE Company will be hosting a Mother’s Day special on Sunday dubbed CHILL’N with Mom on its YouTube channel.

The special will see the performing arts group serving up original tracks dedicated to mothers. But ahead of Sunday’s show, the group is expected to approach popular local radio stations to put the tracks on rotation.

“We have contacted a couple radio stations to run the songs for us leading up to the show just to kind of make people aware of what we have planned for Sunday but to also show that our local songwriters and singers can put together songs that are radio worthy,” said Ifidel Williams, ASHE’s integrated marketing and communications lead. “We are hoping to have them hit the airwaves today (Friday) so people can really give a listening ear to the wonderful songs our young people have come up with.”

The four songs were all written by ASHE members: Your Love (Ackeria Smith), Oh Mothers (Shanice Phillips), ( Move Mountain) Tory-Ann Ivy and ( Forever Mama) Rudolph Tomlinson. Pointing out that the group has been seeking out ways to monetise its social media platforms, particularly YouTube, Williams shared that the team decided against using well established ‘mom songs’.

“This is a viable means of sustainability that we have ventured into at ASHE and one that can bring funds back into the company,” he said. “We are offering the show to the world at no cost but we are hoping that people will come on and watch it because in watching it, you are supporting a group of young people who are not only ambassadors for Jamaican culture and the retention of that culture, but are super talented and perfectly capable of crafting songs that will resonate with people.”

In addition to the original songs, CHILL’N with Mom will also feature an original dance piece titled ‘A Mother’s Strength’ choreographed by experienced dancer and ASHE alum, Faybian Grizzle.

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