April 28, 2021

To kick-start 2021, recording artiste BBones decided to release a single dedicated to his female fans.

The up-and-coming artiste is currently promoting his single My Love.

“This single is a hardcore love song for the ladies who like a bit of rough loving. I’m proud of how well this single is doing because my team and I put in a lot of man hours into this project and the hard work is definitely paying off. The song has been gaining a lot of airplay and I’ve been getting a lot of social media attention since Prince Pine did a skit for the song. His skit went viral accumulating over 100,000 views in a day on Instagram alone, and to see all the positive comments is enough drive to keep going,” said BBones.

With the single doing well, BBones and his team decided to shoot the visuals behind the track. The video was shot by his management team at Jumpstart Music and is slated to be premiered in the coming weeks. Jumpstart Music producer Lee Pryce said he prides himself in making sure his artistes have all the tools necessary to fuel their careers.

“I offer everything under one roof so all they need to do is record hit songs while their team handles the promotion. Kyng Chappa is another talent under Jumpstart’s brand and his style is trap dancehall so all my artistes bring something different to the industry. The two artistes also have a collaboration coming soon and I know fans are going to be blown away,” he said.

BBones is also putting the finishing touches on his next releases, Banga and Badmind.

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