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Beach Boii recently released the track 2 Cold (Remix) featuring dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel.

For Beach Boii, the collaboration was quite literally a dream come true.

“Vybz Kartel is one of my favourite artistes of all time. When I first started doing music, I always dreamed of doing a song with the Worl’ Boss. We made the right music and kept it pushing. Then like magic, it happened,” Beach Boii explained about the collaboration.

The track has a ‘pop meets Afro bounce’ sound, with a hint of hip-hop and rap. Since its release, the track has hit the charts in several countries and is garnering impressive views so far on YouTube.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Beach Boii grew up around Caribbean influences, with a Jamaican mother and a Vincentian father. With that, his interest in dancehall/reggae grew.

“What piqued my interest most was how raw and real the genres are. I’m a very blunt person so I love hearing things that people think in their head but don’t really say out loud,” he said.

His genre-free sound has allowed him to be extra fluid and creative with the tracks he has released so far. His single Rude, produced by WBT Sound, was released in summer 2017, and followed by the remix in 2018, which now has more than five million cumulative streams across music platforms online.

That song gave him the visibility and push he needed to tour the world and subsequently release his EP, Bandit, later that year. His second EP, a hip-hop project titled Work, was released in fall 2019.

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