Behold, the Cutest Photos of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Kids

With countless worthy candidates, it’s hard to say any celeb offspring truly has the market cornered on Instagram cuteness. 

At nearly 18 months, Kaavia James Union Wade is already serving face to more than a million followers on the regular (though we’ll credit Mom and Dad with her literal laugh out loud captions). DJ Khaled‘s sons Asahd Khaled, 3, and 3-month-old Aalam Khaled deliver the major keys to living our best lives. Pink‘s crew—8-year-old Willow Hart and 3-year-old Jameson Hart—seem like a fun hang and few groups evoke more “awwwwww“s than Kris Jenner‘s 10 ridiculously photogenic grandkids. 

But there’s one duo we’d wager is responsible for more cases of baby fever than any other because we simply dare you not to smile when staring at a picture of Luna Stephens and her little bro Miles Stephens. (The only members of the Legend-Teigen clan that have held onto Dad’s given surname.) 

We’re not entirely sure if it’s the fact that Miles is a teeny version of his father, John Legend or Luna’s withering glances that make it seem entirely likely she’ll be following in Mom Chrissy Teigen‘s footsteps. it could also be their adorably unruly curls, the ability to ham it up for the cameras or the full-on cheese smiles

Or quotes from Chrissy that make us want to volunteer as tribute any time they might need a babysitter. 

“They have so much attitude. Miles is really trying to catch up to her because he just sees how much fun she’s having. He wants to mobilize, he’s ready, so things are happening for him quickly too, but Luna is just like, such a funny spitfire,” the cookbook author told E! News last year. “I just love doing, like, watching a movie with her, hearing the words she has to say, the weird sentences that come out of her mouth. We’re like, ‘Where did you get that?’ It’s so much fun. It’s a surprise every day.”

And while we wouldn’t kick any Hollywood kids out of our Instagram feed (please, we’re not animals), we simply cannot get enough of the 4-year-old and her nearly 2-year-old sib. In honor of National Brothers and Sisters Day—not to be confused with April’s more flashy Siblings Day—allow us to present our case.   

Warning: Parenting is not always as adorable as these images make it appear. 

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