Best Maxi Dresses With Sleeves

As the new season approaches, we like to switch out our wardrobes, and one piece we like to add are summer maxi dresses. They’re flowing and romantic while keeping you covered; what’s not to love? Contrary to popular belief, more coverage can actually keep you cooler as the temperature heats up, because your skin isn’t exposed to the sun. The trick is to make sure the fabric is lighter, which means no wool or cashmere. Plus, if you’d like to dress a little more modestly, a maxi dress is a great option. Some of the maxi dresses we love most, though, are the hardest to find, because they’re the ones with sleeves.

Usually, when designers make maxi dresses, they tend to keep them sleeveless to balance them out. However, we find that a maxi dress with sleeves is actually a really sophisticated summer silhouette. It’s romantic, statement making, and really beautiful. If you’re looking for a little more coverage or just trying to switch up your summer dress routine, you’ll want to shop these 16 maxi dresses.

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