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United States-based reggae artiste Black Ice has teamed up with Capleton for the track Bun Dem, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

In an interview with THE STAR, Black Ice revealed that with all the tribulation going on in the world, Jah gave him a message to deliver via song, which is to remind people, particularly instigators of evil, that “fyah a go bun dem”.

“We and the Almighty One very connected, innu, and this song came about through divine inspiration. In the song, we, basically, a talk bout a spiritual fire weh a go bun those who a create and cause war and tribulation, the Babylonian system, and how it set up to put the people against each other and cause divide,” said Black Ice. “The Almighty One call us to live in harmony on the Earth, and we want di man dem weh nah get the message of peace, love, and unity fi know say if dem nuh change dem ways, in the end, fyah a go bun dung the place.”

Although Black Ice had never worked with Capleton on a musical project before, he said that when he got the word from Jah, Capleton was the only person that came to mind for the collaboration.

“Me and him (Capleton) always a reason pan a different level even though we nuh know each other like dat. We always show each other love and admire what each of us stands for. He is one of my favourite reggae artistes because him bring forth Jah message and always a blaze the fire against wrongdoing,” he said. “When a friend of mine got in touch with him to work on this project, he listened to the song and decided to do it because he liked the message. I did my part in the US, and he did his part in Jamaica, but we both contributed to it on a whole. When him a write and we a come up with ideas for the song, we would video chat, and dem things, to make sure we both agreed on where it was going.”

Black Ice said they want the single to “burn up the place this summer”.

“We still planning on doing a video, and thing, to help with promotion but after the coronavirus get under control and travel start keep again,” he said.

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