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Veteran entertainer Blacker says that he has always created music to make women feel good and has always enjoyed a good collaboration, especially with women.

“Collaboration is when two persons express their style in a song and you see the same value and vibes of the song. Especially with a female artiste, it is exciting when I can sit down and structure the song with a female, and she believe inna me and me believe inna har. (There is) Nothing like a good collaboration that when it is done, it is a hit.”

Perhaps his most popular collaboration is Bun Him with Macka Diamond but he recently released a collaboration with up-and-coming artiste Tabeta Schae titled Hot Song which he said, “the dancehall is longing for.”

“These types of songs missing out the dancehall for a good likkle while. Collabs exist, but a long time now females don’t get to enjoy themselves to a male and female on a track that don’t have anything to do with bedroom business,” he said. “Just a nice song, letting a female express herself, about feeling good and proud and that she can also dance to.” But outside of music, Blacker says men should be focused on making women feel good generally.

“As a man, I can talk for many. I may not be the type to get crazy but I can say that there are many men out there that just dark. They should be putting that energy into doing good and making their woman feel loved,” he said. Noting the recent reports of violence against women, Blacker said he would love if more entertainers came together to raise awareness on that and other issues.


“Going on social media is one way. But if all of us come together and say we going go to different communities and reach out personally, whether raise awareness whether on COVID-19 or crime, I think it will mean more to go to the people,” he said. “I understand we are all facing a pandemic and have to practise social distancing but let it be known. The place must open one day and it is better for us as a community to be up close and personal with people on the issues.”

Blacker developed a love of collaborations early in his career, working with artistes like Alton Black on timeless tracks like Gal A Watch Yu and If It Ain’t Good Enough. He also worked with the late Sister Charmaine on the track Baby Nah Wear.

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