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They say laughter is the best medicine, and comedian Boasy Boy Floyd is looking to serve up a healthy dose to his online following tonight when he hosts his Tan A Yuh Yaad Instagram live comedy special.

“It’s a one-hour special hosted by myself and colleague Diego, the cross-eyed villain, and it will be non-stop laughter and complete enjoyment. Laughter is the best medicine and more, while we affi take bad things make joke. Not to make light of the situation because it is very serious, but to uplift people’s spirits,” he said. “We want to give people hope because there are some who are going into distress mode right now, and if you as personality that they always see on stage can provide a platform for them to have something to smile about in spite of their distress, then it can be rewarding for all parties.”


Floyd, who is a veteran in Jamaica’s comedy space, says although preparation for the show started a week ago when the idea was birthed, the events of COVID-19 have left him with countless topics from which to draw inspiration.

“We’re going to be talking about things like quarantine meals and how a simple egg can make an entire meal. We’re gonna talk about proper hygiene and the people dem who nuh like bathe and wash dem hands. All kinda things we a go talk bout,” he said. “We affi know how fi cope wid dese situations and we wah people do it wid a smile. If a even fi dis hour we can take we minds off what’s going on.”

Although his aim is to provide comic relief, the entertainer also hopes to raise awareness around the novel coronavirus.

“My partners at Vantage One and I will be using comedy to let people know that this virus is not a joke thing. We will use fun ways to communicate to people that precautions are necessary and they need to obey the rules set by the Government in these times,” he said. “Apart from it being entertaining, we want to keep it informative. We’re going to reinforce the seriousness of the situation because people are dying, losing their jobs, etc. We are all in this together so we have to pull together and make sure this pandemic passes us.”

The event is set to get under way at 6 p.m. on @vantageonegroup.

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