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Having already released more than 10 songs in 2021, dancehall artiste Bobby 6ix will today be dropping his debut EP, God Bless, a seven-track project that he says will prove that he is a dancehall force.

Speaking with THE STAR about the compilation, Bobby 6ix said that although the COVID-19 pandemic did affect his career, he has been using his time away from the stage to write and record.

“Da quarantine thing yah did set a way innu but we good out here. Every dancehall artiste love to drop track after track. It help yuh fi stay relevant and keep people attention on you. But it also very important to put out projects. Mi deh a di stage now weh me a see more and more say a good body of work can go a far way and me think me have enough songs can really put a good project out there,” he said. Bobby 6ix added that when the project starts creating a buzz, he wants people to remember it as one that proved that his talent is no joke.

“Mi have reality songs, positive songs, girl songs, every kinda song yuh can think of. Di people dem never request this but mi see say me can dweet. The opportunity come up and mi just grab it. Mi take this business yah very serious innu,” he said.

Despite his excitement, however, Bobby 6ix said that he is aware that the dancehall clique he is a part of has not commanded as much of the local entertainment space as it used to.

A few years ago, the 6ix, who hail from Montego Bay, were all the rave. But the group has been relatively quiet recently. However, Bobby 6ix was quick to tell THE STAR that media attention or the lack thereof does not mean the group isn’t working.

“The title of the EP is God Bless and that’s what the 6ix is, we bless by the Almighty. So all when it seem like nuttin nah gwaan inna di camp, things always a gwaan and doors always a open,” he explained. “Not because unu nah see we nuh mean say we nah work. The work a put in same way. We have songs, we still a drop videos. The 6ix is still real out here, no mistake about that.”

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