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Popular dancehall selector Boom Boom has put his money pull-up earnings from his online parties to good use. Forced to go virtual due to COVID-19, he and many others in his field have been staying afloat from funds raised through their Cash App accounts. But instead of using the earnings to benefit his own needs, Boom Boom opted to purchase essential items for those with greater needs. On the weekend, he and his team handed out some 250 care packages to the less fortunate.

“Me fans dem weh deh pan the live been a put dem likkle money inna me Cash App, and it was only right that in times like these me give back outta wah me a get.

Tears come to my eyes

Nothing nah really gwaan inna the entertainment world right now, but me see say people out deh need it more than how me need it,” he told THE STAR. “Me a do dis from me heart because me see the need. It great, and if me can help a few, den a dat me ah guh do. Tears come to my eyes when me see how much people in need of just food.”

Boom Boom also urged his colleagues to get on board the ‘giveback train’. He said while it is a fact that people are not obligated to offer assistance, more should at least try.

“Saturday me go inna di streets go deliver the packages. Me drive go all ’bout and drop off the bags and me nah tell nuh lie, people out deh weh don’t even have a proper shelter. To see some people living conditions, it really break me heart. Me know is not a must in nuh, but me wah everybody who can afford to help to really reach out to people,” he said. “Nuff people inna di industry not doing nothing towards poor people, and me just wah tell all a me co-worker dem fi help. Me know nuff a unnu can dweet. Me as a likkle deejay can dweet and me nuh half reach weh some a unnu reach.”

Boom Boom said that he and his team are planning a second round of donations for June.

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