Botched Docs Create a Belly Button After a Traumatic Tummy Tuck

“When I hear that kind of story, it makes me think the surgeon cut it out and didn’t realize it and he’s making excuses,” Dubrow added. “Creating a belly button is one of the most difficult things to do in all of plastic surgery.” 

Dubrow hoped that there is a belly button under Maritza’s skin graft. After a bikini-clad consultation, Dubrow reiterated just how severe the surgery would be for Maritza. “This is complicated, fixing this. That exact complication that happened to you could happen to us because now I have beaten up damaged tissue,” Dubrow explained before asking Maritza to fill out a special consent form for high risk surgery. 

Yet, Maritza more than ready to go back under the knife. “I’m hoping that I have this life without this on my stomach,” she told the camera. “I’m just desperate for a fresh start in my new single life and feeling confident in my own skin.”

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