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Veteran entertainer Bounty Killer has described the novel coronavirus as “the shadow of death” stalking the Earth.

The respiratory illness has claimed at least 165,000 lives worldwide since it was discovered in China last December.

More than 40,500 deaths have been recorded in the USA, the hardest hit country thus far.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man yesterday performed at the Digicel Unplugged online concert series held to celebrate 19 years of the telecommunications provider in Jamaica.

Stressing the need for social distancing, Bounty Killer said “The bag a loose, unnecessary gathering, don’t do it … Me nuh inna nuh bwoy and gal and people who me nuh know right now.”

He appealed to people to stop believing they can “skip and hopscotch this” and to stay home. His message was particularly tailored for lower income Jamaicans.

“As we all know, we don’t have the best infrastructure, especially when it comes to our health sector. In normal time without crisis, unno see people don’t have bed and certain equipment at the hospitals. So yuh know inna crsis like this it is going to be really really tragical,” he said.

The ‘Poor People Governor’ said that if the decision is to be made about whether someone who is wealthy or a poor person gets ventilator care, it is possible that the decision would be in favour of the person who has means.

It is for this reason that he said that poor people should follow the rules and stay indoors.

Becoming more spiritual

“Lock yuh door and stay inna yuh house and the evil shall pass,” Bounty Killer said. Even as he called for social distancing and for people to stay in their homes, the entertainer could not help commenting on the extent to which he felt Jamaicans are becoming more spiritual since the disease’s discovery.

“Since corona come round yah, a the most me hear some people a call pon God name fi the right purpose now. Me never know a suh much people memba seh a God a di boss. The most love and compassion that is shared a since corona come round yah. A long time unno fi know unno self. Corona dutty and bad but she do some good things. She mek some people a find back dem self weh did loss inna things,” the artise said.

Jamaica has recorded 123 COVID-19 cases in the last six days. The number of cases jumped to 196 on Sunday, setting off fears that it may now be difficult to contain the spread of the virus unless there is a tighter lockdown of the country.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness on Sunday said that 23 new cases have been confirmed in Jamaica.

Bounty Killer also used his performance to appeal to Prime Minister Andrew Holness to allow the conditional re-entry of Jamaicans who are stuck overseas and want to return home.

The country’s ports have been closed to incoming passenger traffic since March 23. Holness said that the Government is putting in place a protocol to facilitate their return.

This, he said, would involve people being quarantined for 14 days before being allowed in the general population.

“We are pleading for the prime minister to try work out a thing for them to come back in quarantine. They need to come home to their families. You know in times of crisis like this you want to stay close to your loved one,” the artiste said.

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