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For more than a decade, up-and-coming artiste Brik Tearz has been trying to gain a steady footing in the entertainment industry.

Labelling himself as a determined star-in-the-making, the entertainer believes that his big break is imminent through hard work and dedication. To that end, Brik Tearz, given name Ferdinand Alphonso Cooper, told STAR On The Rise that he doesn’t think about limits and sees himself becoming so established in the industry, that he will win 14 Grammys.

“I see myself making it bigger than even I can imagine. I know nothing is easy in this game called life, but I am ready for all the challenges and ready to conquer and defeat my opponents. I never ever forgot this saying ‘diamonds are made from pressure’ and I will be a gem in the music industry,” he said. “If you put negative thoughts in the universe, you will accomplish negative results, but if you put out positive thoughts, you will receive positive results. That is why I am putting 14 Grammy Awards into the universe. Some when they hear that will say, ‘a who him man’ or express that am I thinking too big, but I don’t think so. I’m sure people also said that to the man who created the planes that fly and the man who created cell phones and all these gadgets we using now.”

The Pamphret, St Thomas native reveals that his strong mindset comes from inner peace and a concrete belief in self. He says growing up, his family did not support his decision to get into music and says that while their encouragement would have gone a long way, it is his life and music is his dream.

“I have four sisters and one brother and I am the oldest of my mother’s six children. So, maybe it was hard to see the oldest child decide to get into music. I think they misunderstand me and my choice, but it’s OK because I still love them. It’s their choice and I am not upset. I, however, had to do what I was destined to do,” he said.

“Family is family and will always be, but I had to focus on my life. Life is so unpredictable. Growing up we aspire to different professions, then things change as we grow. Our purpose finds us without us even knowing. Being a doctor was my aim when I was going to primary school. Then in high school all of that changed. From then till now, I eat, drink, sleep and defecate music.”

The entertainer, who is currently promoting the singles Genuine People, My Dawgs (featuring Shaqstar), Try Wid Miself, Xtra Money (featuring Pattan) and She Like It, says no matter how difficult his journey gets, he keeps pressing and takes solace in the fact that there are people out there who will one day hear his story and be inspired. Still, he is aware that not everyone will love what he brings to the table and says he is OK with that.

“I am not the type of artiste that forces people to listen to my music,” he said. “People are free to do whatever they want, and the last thing I want to do is become an annoying, needy artiste. I mean, I love music, but I am not the type of artist to spam your inbox asking for likes and views.”

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