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For more than a decade, the six-member gospel group CAG has been manoeuvring the local gospel music industry.

But, even more important than carving out their own space in the industry, the group is focused on ministry. The members told Gospel Spotlight that although they would love to become household names, when all is said and done, they want their music to positively impact the society more than anything else.

“CAG stands for Child A God so even by our very name our mission is clear. We are messengers before anything else and our aim as a group is to minister to souls in a creative way, showcasing that Gospel can also be fun while impacting the lives of many in a positive way,” said singer Britney Blake.

Her brother in Christ Garfield Neath agreed. “We want to minister on an international level while creating more impactful content that will edify the lives of generations to come,” he said.


To that end, the group is currently promoting its latest single, Grace, a track they hope will encourage people to believe that despite everything that is happening in the world, God’s grace is never-ending.

“This song was inspired by a personal event that occurred during my life when life itself took a whole different turn for me. At the time, it seemed like everything was slowly deteriorating and my eyes could only see the problem that was present rather than think about how things could end. But then Jesus showed up and things drastically turned for the better,” said group leader Clayon Henry. “We just officially released the single last week and the feedback has been amazing. People have been letting us know how encouraging the song is. Now that the song is out there, we just want it to continue having an impact on people’s lives.”

Blake told Gospel Spotlight that now more than ever, gospel music can play a huge role in helping to sustain people’s peace.

“We’re living in uncertain times and we never know what tomorrow may bring. Listening to gospel songs gives a person peace of mind and hope because of who holds the future,” she said.

Henry said their journey has been a challenging one but they have been encouraged to keep going based on the reaction to their songs.

“Doing the Grace project is one of the high points in our ministry. The biggest lesson we have learnt on this journey so far is that quality speaks volumes, from writing, to production, to presentation. It’s been a really hard road but with God, all things are possible and as the song says, our purpose is here so we keep fighting while seeking the face of God,” Henry said.

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