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Though he migrated to the United States of America a number of years ago, recording artist Davel Layton, aka Camouflage Boss, says he still worries about the less fortunate in Jamaica.

He relates his concern in a song titled The System.

“I was motivated to write the song because growing up, the problems I saw are still the same problems Jamaica faces today, such as missing children and the music scene being unjustly targeted. There are still no signs of a resolution for these issues in sight,” he said,

He said he would like the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Andrew Holness to discuss the problems that he faced as a youth.

“Growing up in the ghetto and watching ‘the system’ holding us down, the feeling of no rescue from the Government, not even in the support of the culture of reggae and dancehall music, leaves us to believe the Government will never help. There is no freedom, not even as simple as being able to express ourselves. Therefore, I am hoping our prime minister is open to solutions in making all of Jamaica a safer and better place, doing so by creating more opportunities, starting with all the youths. Knowing that we have to focus on the younger generation to be able to have a progressive country would be a great start.”

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