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Professionals behind Tommy Lee Sparta’s latest single, Girls Bring Girls, are not focused on any potential backlash for the track’s lyrics which talk about drug abuse and sex.

Instead, they believe the music video will be a solution to some video recording challenges some artistes face. The video incorporates computer-generated imagery (CGI) of the incarcerated dancehall entertainer with real-life film footage of females and Dre X Sparta, who is also featured on the track.

“I wasn’t planning to do a music video. The artiste’s current situation was a factor, then there was the budget. We also did not want to do a fully animated production which has become very popular over the past two years,” said Jermaine ‘Tu Finga’ Parchment of DeadLine Recordz. However, he was convinced by Boss Lady Muzik’s Nicole Taban, responsible for Tommy Lee Sparta’s management, to try CGI.

“She motivated me to work with Mental Chung Creative Labs and, honestly, I didn’t expect the final product to be this good,” he said, pointing out, however, that the filming process, while it opens barriers, is expensive. The video shows the CGI or ‘anime Tommy Lee’, as social media viewers named him after seeing the video, actually interacting with the women in the scenes directed by Shot by Dollaz.

According to Parchment, the video demonstrates how advanced the dancehall recording industry has become and suggested persons are likely to jump on the trend when they see more established acts like Tommy Lee Sparta do it.

“It is already showing artistes who are unable to be part of a music video for whatever reasons that the possibilities are endless. Many of our entertainers who have found themselves incarcerated like Vybz Kartel have used lookalikes to animation videos, but this is definitely another option for them,” he said. “Dancehall artistes serving life sentences like Ninjaman can remain current if he has tracks that are recorded and yet to be released by making CGI visual effects video. So, for now, we welcome any backlash because we know we are setting a trend for others and attracting a new fan base of persons with an interest in animated film.”

Reinardo Chung, owner of Mental Chung Creative Labs, agreed that the style of music video production could break barriers for the local music industry. He has been working in the field since 2010 and has found it is becoming a popular request.

“I had done similar work with Vybz Kartel’s Hi and did the animation for Tommy Lee’s Captain Sparta in the same year, 2013. So I am used to it, and I am equipped with all the tools. This project was fairly easy and speaking for myself, I am getting a lot more jobs even for 2D animation,” he said.

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