Channing Tatum Gets a Blindfolded Makeover From His Daughter

Channing Tatum’s daughter could be a makeup artist in training. Luckily, Everly, 7, gets to try out her beauty skills on dad at home. On May 7, the actor shared a video of the “magical” makeover he and personal trainer Arin Babaian got, thanks to his daughter. Oh, and did I mention she did it blindfolded?

Everly doesn’t hold back on giving Channing the full beauty treatment, with lipstick and smoky eyeshadow, plus a whole wardrobe change. He hopes her imaginative efforts will encourage other parents to let their kids do the same, calling this the #IAmSparkarellaChallenge after his new children’s book.

The Sparkarella character was actually inspired by Everly herself, as Channing wanted to explore what life is like through her eyes. “I realized there weren’t that many dad-daughter books,” he said on the Kelly Clarkson Show. “Me and my daughter have a really beautiful relationship and it’s really fun. And I was worried a little bit, just being a dad, [about] how I was going to relate and understand a little girl, and the key was just to go into her world and it was so fun and the world that we created [in the book] was so rich.” Get a peek of Everly and Channing’s adorable bond in the video below.

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