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Trelawny native Charly Black said when he was approached by Usain Bolt’s team to be a part of his latest musical project, the Clockwork rhythm, saying yes was a no-brainer.

The platinum-selling artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR that it was an honour to be called upon by the world-renowned sprinter, and seeing that they hail from the same parish, passing up on the opportunity was not an option.

“Mi work a Big Yaad production very often, and the bredda weh run off the gate over deh always a say NJ, dat a Bolt manager, wah talk to me,” he said. “Him (Bolt) send me a message because we follow each other pan Instagram and him a say a long time him wah voice me but a just the time. Di link make this time, and him tell mi say him want the next project to go out with Charly Black on it, and I was very honoured as a fellow Trelawny man to be a part of the project.”

Charly Black says his respect for Bolt has always been very high, from his legendary track career to making leaps in a different industry.

“Yuh affi respect dem man deh hustle, because him go after wah him wah, and even when weh him a do seem impossible, him dweet same way and push until him get di success,” he said. “Nuh chupidness nuh inna we thing innu, because we are Trelawny sons. We know how fi work hard and ignore the noise. A success we go after,” said Charly Black.

The artiste will be joining artistes like Vybz Kartel, TeeJay and Christopher Martin on the rhythm.

“The first time me hear di riddim mi just know say is a gyal song mi a go sing pan it because it have that dancehall flavour. It have everything fi do wid dancehall, and it did need a fresh kinda spin on the long-time dancehall vibe dat was all about the ladies. Dancehall is lacking that over the world these days, and I am glad to be a part of this project so I can showcase that once more,” Charly Black said.

This will be the third rhythm Bolt has released since 2019. His debut project, Olympe Rose, was released that summer. Before year end, he released the Immortal rhythm. Both projects have done immensely well. The Clockwork rhythm will also feature tracks by Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner and NJ.

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