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Popular social media sensation Chec Boss is hoping that a recent endorsement by Digicel will lead to an even bigger partnership between himself and the telecommunications giant.

Following Bounty Killer and Beenie Man’s Verzuz battle last month, Chec Boss created a meme that caught Digicel’s attention.

The graphic used Beenie Man’s now iconic words ‘do you really wanna be that guy?’, making reference to Digicel’s competitor, to whom he referred as ‘SLOW’.

The meme was picked up by Digicel to be used as part of their Shake to Win campaign, and Chec Boss is on cloud nine.

“I was just messing around with my phone, making fun and goofing around when I posted it. I never expected it to get Digicel’s attention. Even though my comedy series on YouTube has been doing well, I didn’t know people at Digicel were watching and paying so much attention. But me nah lie, it was a great feeling to know that they were,” he said. “Yuh affi hot fi a corporate company like that take an interest inna yuh and so although I was shocked, I am super excited to see where this might lead.”

Chec Boss believes it’s the beginning of big things for him.

“Based on the numbers, the amount of views it has racked up, the shares, the tags, I have been speaking with their guy who contacted me initially and he’s saying they love it and a lot more things are in the pipeline. I am hoping to be an ambassador because that would be huge. For me to be on the road with Digicel at this point in my career, it would be a good look,” he said.

Chec Boss, who has been using his platform to assist those who have fallen on hard times due to the effects of COVID-19, says he believes in the saying ‘give and it will come back to you’.

He said he has seen his blessings increase tenfold since he started to give back to the less fortunate.

“When you give out of a pure heart, your blessings always overflow. Mine start to flow in already with this Digicel endorsement. Since the coronavirus thing, myself and Sound Music Group (SMG) Boss have given back to a total of 43 elderly people in the central Kingston area weh incapable of working and nuh have nobody,” he said. “In addition to care packages we had a food drive. We used this cookshop in the area to let them eat for free on our bill and we think we’re going to continue doing it.

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