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Hungry Lion Records last month released its Self Expression rhythm.

It totes a reggae acoustic tone and has been gaining traction with the featured single, No Love, by Chronic Law.

The family-orientated label, that first made its appearance in 2013, consists of brothers Adrian, Darrian, and Milton Johnson.

Their first release was the Tough Times rhythm, featuring acts including Anthony B, Bugle, Iba Mahr, I-Octane and Louie Culture.

“Music was always a part of our lives. Our father had a sound system that was played very frequently at our home with a large collection of music,” Adrian explained.

“I’d say we strive to create music of substance and quality. Our music is of realness, hence the consumers will always relate,” Darrian added.

There are a few new projects in the pipeline, including a major collaboration with artiste Bugle.

“Our creative process is derived through energy and intuition, which leads our decisions; thus, there’s a sense of spirituality in our creation process. The aim is to always make music of substance, something that can encourage generations to come,” Adrian expressed.

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