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Musically, 2020 was a good year for New York-based reggae singer Chyna Nicole.

She released her album Level of Concern, which made the reggae charts in the United Kingdom, New York and South Florida.

The album received a bronze medal at the Global Music Awards earlier this year. Now Chyna Nicole is back with a new single, titled Butterflies. Chyna Nicole, who is also a teacher by profession, wrote the song.

“The inspiration actually came from my students. We painted images of butterflies to go along with our writing. I love to infuse and integrate art into teaching. Then I saw that it somehow became an unofficial school-wide theme. Butterflies were everywhere. I then thought about the magic of love and the beauty of butterflies, which naturally developed into a love song,” said Chyna Nicole.

She added, “The feedback has been incredible, (and has) truly surpassed my expectations. My former manager and industry brother from Waterhouse, Fitzroy Francis, shared it (the single) to the world and that meant a lot because he knows my musical ability, and that meant he endorsed it. My collaborators, also, are proud of the record.”

Asked whether the song came from a personal experience, Chyna Nicole said, “I think everyone can relate. We get butterflies before we hit the stage, before a presentation, and when we are in the company of someone that we have a crush on.”

She continued, “I want audiences to dance, be free, honour our colourful differences and love each other. I think the simplicity of the song digs deep, and I hope that audiences feel something special each time they hear it. Be beautiful.”

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