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Comedians Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases (COVID) is the message behind the latest project from comedian duo Ity and Fancy Cat.

Recognising that stress levels are on the rise due to the effects of the deadly coronavirus, the island’s ‘kings of comedy’ have decided to do something to try and reset happiness levels among their fellow Jamaicans.

Over the next 10 weeks, the show, dubbed Laugh Online, will highlight some of the country’s best comedic talent. The first show will be this Saturday.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been developing this idea. When this whole COVID-19 thing started, I came up with my own spin on the word, and that is how Comedians Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases came about. I made a list of 19 comedians that I wanted to participate, and so starting this week, viewers can expect different guests,” Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis told THE STAR. “Expect everything like Ity and Fancy Cat; stand-up comedy, live sketches, parodies. I’m excited about it. It’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to it and I want people to join us online because we will also be having some special treats, courtesy of or sponsors Sagicor, Courts, KFC. Sunday is Mother’s Day and so we’re gonna make sure the first show is extra special.”

Cloud of gloom

Ellis explained that with a lingering cloud of gloom hovering over the island due to the coronavirus, he and his partner in crime, Fancy Cat, want to do their part in helping to lift people’s spirits.

“The main thing that made us want to do this is we realise that the entertainment we provide is a stress reliever. I don’t need empirical data to confirm this because it is a fact that people are highly stressed in this time. They are fearful, financially strained and they just want an escape. We want to provide that escape, that medicine in our unique style,” Ellis said. “More people have been online and spending more time, and so we’re going to where the demand is to deliver laughter. We will be going live at 3 p.m. and every week you can expect to see someone different. People like Rosa Rose, Dufton Shepherd, Cathy Grant, Boasy Boy Floyd, Leighton Smith, Blakka Ellis and all the usual players. It really is going to be something special.”

The show will take place live on Ellis’ Instagram page @ityellis and on Facebook at ITYANDFANCYCAT.


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