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Natural Bond Entertainment recently teamed up with established and rising acts for its latest musical project, the Comet rhythm.

The tracks are Young Rich by TeeJay, Nude by Ikaya, Spring Break by Knaxx, and Constancy Vol 2 by Deeclef. Young Rich was released last month, while the remaining songs are to be released on May 21.

Deeclef, who is based in New York, spoke about his song which deals with friendship.

“Friendship and loyalty are very important because they both go hand in hand. Someone cannot be my friend and they don’t display traits of loyalty,” said Deeclef. “Personal experience does play a role in how I formulate the lyrics to my songs. I can surely connect with the concept of the song, simply because, in the past, ‘friends’ did me wrong and showed me great heights of hypocrisy.”

Commenting on his track Spring Break, rising deejay Knaxx said he thought of things returning to normal so that persons can go out and enjoy themselves.

“Is a riddim weh me hear and like it. The producer reached out to me and say him can hear me voice pon it. The song is really a party vibe. Me wish things woulda set back and return to what it was. As a young artiste, we want to showcase our talent and go out and perform for the world,” said Knaxx.

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