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It’s been two decades since gospel artiste D.A. Jay surrendered his life to Christ. As a new Christian, he vowed to spread the Word of God across the four corners of the earth. Today, his mission remains the same, but the entertainer, like many others in the industry, has to now find novel ways to spread the gospel as the COVID-19 virus continues to stifle the music scene.

“The coronavirus is a world problem. Nobody is able to go out and attend any event, and so that aspect of spreading the message has been terminated for a while. The only possible way now to keep spreading the Word is through social media, and I have been doing that in my own way. As far as performing live on the various platforms, I have not done that yet, but all my pre-recorded materials are available online and so I guess, indirectly, the message is still being spread, irrespective of the current crisis,” he said.

D.A. Jay said that he lives in Europe right now, so the literal translation of taking the gospel on the highways and byways is being manifested.

“My message remains constant, but my approach has to be different just to appeal to a wider audience at the moment,” he said.

Speaking of his mandate as a messenger of the gospel, D.A. Jay said establishing a career in music has been particularly challenging.

He explained that without the clear vision of what he was ordained to do, he perhaps would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.


“The journey, like any other journey, has been challenging. And I’m talking about the actual Christian life, but also being a musician,” he said, highlighting how difficult it is manoeuvring the industry as a ‘new age’ gospel artiste. “I guess, based on the standard that was set by those before us, people have this premeditated expectation of how gospel/reggae/dancehall is supposed to sound. You have people inside the gospel arena who are not fans of my music simply because I make it sound authentic, and it sounds like a dancehall or reggae song done by a secular artiste. What I’ve been trying to do from day one is bridge the gap between the two worlds.”

D.A. Jay said that what keeps him going is that he knows his purpose from the initial step.

“Therefore, all obstacles are only here to make me stronger. Until I acquire the final result, there is no way I’m giving up,” he said. “That’s one of the messages I try to leave with people through my music. In life, you always have to know your purpose, because it’s the only thing that can give you strength when you run out of energy.”

The artiste, who is currently promoting his seven-track EP, Invincible, says he has an album to release later this year, if all goes well.

He says the recording process has been going well, but with the coronavirus still ravaging parts of the world, the release date may be pushed back until next year. Nevertheless, the artiste says to expect positivity, upliftment and blessings to flow in abundance when the project is released.

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