Dan Levy Wrote a Schitt’s Creek Episode to Prank His Dad

Dan Levy had a bone to pick with his father, Eugene Levy, while filming Schitt’s Creek. Following the release of the behind-the-scenes book Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek filled with cast interviews, Eugene appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Oct. 28 and shared a funny story about a classic Schitt’s Creek episode titled “The Drip.” In the episode, Eugene’s character, Johnny Rose, is slowly drenched overnight due to a leak in the ceiling. Eugene explained that he’s “touchy” about his hair getting wet because it “takes a while to get my hair to look the way I think it should look.” When he read the script, he recalled saying, “Ugh, Dan, really? It can’t drip anywhere else except on my hair?”

Turns out, the episode was intentionally written by Dan to drive his dad crazy. Things only got worse when they shot the scenes and Dan kept telling everyone Eugene’s hair needed to be wetter. “He got such a kick out of it, honestly. I got as much fun watching him watching me being as miserable as I was doing the scene, but it all worked for the scene,” Eugene said. He also admitted he still hasn’t figured out what he did to piss off Dan. In the end, Dan got his revenge and we got good TV. Check out “The Drip”‘s scene below.

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