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Shankle Dip has his eyes set on Grammy stages. The entertainer said for years dancers have helped to launch the careers of entertainers to big platforms, which gives hope for dancers like him, who have turned to recording their own music, that more can be achieved.

“Dancehall do it already, and it can be done again,” Shankle Dip said about the attention the genre has received from major platforms. “The likes of Billboard and BET with TV shows like 106 & Park have recognised dancehall for dancing but we just need an extra push.”

Shankle Dip, who has worked with several hitmakers and performed on shows like Reggae Sumfest and Sting, says he believes he can bring dancehall to the Grammy Awards stage in the next five years or less. He said he would love to see dancers featured alongside artistes doing showstopping performances the way international recording acts like Ne-Yo, Usher, Cardi B and Beyonce have done for their genres.

“I’m going to bring dancers to that main stage,” he said. “That’s why I even added the word Grammy into my Instagram name; it’s about speaking it into being.” He said the dancers and dancehall recording artistes alike have been demotivated.

He told THE STAR, “With the death of dancing legends like Bogle, some dancers lose motivation, dat me can tell you is a fact. Too many people drop out from the space. I am a strong-minded person, so I never stopped and don’t plan to stop any time soon.” He believes his forthcoming single, Fling U Foot, will get him the well-needed attention.


A year ago, Shankle Dip released Trending, which served as a tribute to dancehall’s dance culture, but it did not receive the support he envisioned for the track.

“I’m thinking out of the box, and me receive the support of UK personalities like Bad Rass who, with local dancer Black Ice, named the latest project. The support exists from the fan base that has followed the journey from the beginning locally and overseas, but I would really like to see more Jamaicans doing the same,” Shankle Dip said. “Dancehall and dance is already in a category by itself on world stages but need the support from all corners of the industry.”

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