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Dancehall artiste 450 has a brand new track for the ladies, titled Lonely, that was released on February 14.

“The inspiration behind Lonely was based on personal experiences, along with all of my songs, which are directed towards the ladies. The beat being as powerful as it is also brought nostalgia and emotions inside, and they were brought to life after vibing to it in the studio,” the artiste explained. The track was produced by Tru Ambassador Next Generation.

“The beat was sent to me by [producer] Weekday and I went to the studio the same night and wrote the whole song. After recording, I instantly knew it was special,” added 450. “I always try to make my songs relatable and this one is definitely relatable. I think every female can concur that they have felt lonely and in need of a significant other at some point in time.”


The dancehall/R&B single has been gaining traction since its release, especially among the women, who have been expressing their love for it.

“With the right promotion, I definitely think the song can be a widespread hit, and the feedback from the song has been nothing but great,” the artiste stated.

In the game professionally for almost two years, 450 has been building a steady catalogue, with 18 songs officially released so far.

“I consider my style of music to be melodic, emotional and also unique when it comes to the style and sound,” he said.

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