Dancehall full up of Christians, says Ricky Trooper – Addresses backlash to Shenseea video | Entertainment

Fans of Shenseea rushed to her defence this week following criticism over what is being labelled ‘Satanic influences’ in her just-released video for Run Run, the single that marks her international breakthrough.

Her hairstyle channels Medusa, the Greek goddess best known for having hair made of snakes, and she wears a costume adorned with horns similar to that of androgynous goat-headed deity, Baphomet. The number one trending video has racked up over two and a half million views in just five days. Some viewers commented that they felt uncomfortable with the visuals. The clap-backs have been fast and furious. “I never knew Shen had so many “righteous Christian” fans,” was one of the top comments.

However, in response to this, veteran selector Ricky Trooper is making it clear that “dancehall full up of Christians” and opined that it is not surprising that the God-fearing people in the dancehall are reacting in this way.

“We as Jamaicans grow up a love God. We go a church and Sunday School and hold a Christianity belief. However, there has been a kind of generational shift, and the younger ones don’t tek to the God part so much. But watch this, if one a dem buck dem toe, who dem bawl out for? ‘Jesus!’ If dem get inna trouble with the law the first thing dem ask for is prayers, and if dem get lock up dem start read dem Bible,” Trooper told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“The roots of the music always a walk with Christianity. Yuh did have Jah Love sound with Brigadier Jerry and Ilawe, and although dem walk with Selassie, dem never leave Christ. Dem seh that His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie revealed himself in the personality of Jesus Christ. Even when me did a par with Garnett [Silk] him did a seh Selassie, but him still seh Jesus Christ. Luciano and Sizzla acknowledge His Imperial Majesty as a direct descendant from the throne of David,” the sound system owner said.

Ricky Trooper emphasised that gospel music has always been integral to secular dancehall.

“Why yuh think we have a gospel segment inna di dance? The people dem love it and want to hear the gospel just as much as dem want hear Vybz Kartel. And even look on songs like Buju’s Til Shiloh, and Gramps and Buju 23rd Psalm, Bob Marley’s Natural Mystic and Forever Loving Jah. What yuh call dem deh?” he asked.

He added, “Two of the greatest deejays, Papa San and Stitchie, convert to Christianity and dem still have the biggest following and a convert people same way. Dancehall people always a seh God and that is what separate the sheep from the goats.”

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