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Stars of the new show Dancehall Life, Pretty Pretty, TC, and Dancing Rebel (PTR) believe that they are fulfilling a divine purpose by adding reality stars to their growing resumes.

“We born fi dis,” they said in unison, declaring that their burgeoning love for creating content that will help transport people to their happy place.

“Me realise say me have this acting thing and entertaining thing from me born. A so me stay,” said Dancing Rebel, given name Christina Nelson. “We eva a act and dem thing deh and a di same thing we a do on the series right now. Mi love when me make people laugh, dat a my thing.” Her castmates and long-time friends, Pretty Pretty and TC, shared similar thoughts.

“From mi inna mommy Marci belly a so mi stay, mi a kick and a talk. Doing drama from school when mi likkle bit, mi naturally have it, and my favourite actor was Shebada. A him mi do inna mi SBA everything. Mi love dis bad,” said Pretty Pretty, given name Tashlicka Laird.

“From ever since, me love the acting. Mi all have theatre arts inna CXC,” Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman said. “Mi believe inna di acting. Mi love it, love it more dan even dancing and mi used to it because mi come inna YouTube series weh come every Sunday called The Bartender. We know we have this inna we innu and so we never doubt we self yet and wi know say with God anything at all is possible.”

They admitted to THE WEEKEND STAR, however, that when they were approached by Downsound Records about the show, they did not want to get their hopes up.

“We get dem supmn yah regular. A regular people tell we say dem ago carry we go to Hollywood and den we still deh a Jamaica so we nuh get we hopes up. But deep down, we did excited bad,” said Pretty Pretty. The trio said that after a series of unfortunate events in 2020 threatened to destroy their friendship and ruin their careers, they are today stronger than ever.

“As you know, we had our issues back then, and many were not happy when we were back together. Nuff a dem never did a expect we fi rise above the obstacles that we faced and nuff a dem never expect we fi a do things and become bigger and better. But one thing wid PTR, we are prayer warriors by heart, and yuh see a group that prays together, stays together,” said Dancing Rebel.

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