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To know a good father is to love him. But to experience a dad who shares the same passions and supports his children in all that they do, is life changing.

Manawe Simpson became a father 12 years ago and he made it his lifelong mission to not only be present, but prominent in the lives of his little ones.

“My children started showing a love for dance from a very tender age, as early as two years old. I have a great relationship with them and they look up to me a lot, so they are always showing interest in my interests,” he told Dancers’ Paradise.

Simpson is no stranger to the local dance circuit. He started back in primary school and this love progressed during his years at Kingston College.

Several competitions

He went on to entertain many audiences as an active member of Untouchable Squad, entering several competitions, winning the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s World Reggae Dance Championships in 2008.

He currently manages dance group Fantastic Steppaz from Harbour View. But once a dancer, always a dancer.

These days, he can be seen still trending in the dancing space alongside his daughter, Keelie, and son, Kyle. Last year, Simpson created a video on Father’s Day, which was well received on social media.

“It wasn’t anything that was rehearsed or no real time or effort was put into it – we were just having fun. The response it got, however, was overwhelming,” he said.

As a result of this success, he decided to make the production an annual event for Father’s Day. Simpson has already released a pre-Father’s Day dance by the Simpsons.

The video, which premiered just days ago, features himself, his children and niece, Dashawna, vibing and freestyling to the hit single Flair is the Air by Ding Dong.

“The preview video was just to create a buzz leading up to the release of the official video on Father’s Day. This time around, I included my niece Dashawna who is a huge fan of dancing and a big fan of mine since she has been growing,” said Simpson. “I’m a proud father, protector, and friend. Dancing runs in my family. This is how we connect with each other, spend quality time and express ourselves.”

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