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He’s celebrating 10 years of dancing both competitively and in the street, and the co-founder of Unruly Skankaz, Devon Brown, says he is looking to expand the brand.

The once three-member male dance group has grown to five, he told THE WEEKEND STAR, “as that is what we wanted for Unruly Skankaz … to be bigger than it started and also to help young talented dancers to find a place within the dancehall”.

He continued: “We find the more established dancers may not always be open to the idea to take on young people, but we are, once they are serious.”

For Dancers’ Paradise this week, Devon Unruly, which is the alias he has acquired, being a member of the group, said that their usual playground to promote choreography and find new recruits has now turned into a place to constantly seek avenues to make money.

“We still at it, nah stop the work, and right now the feedback on social media is pushing us to do more,” Devon Unruly said. “In order to keep relevant with our peers and the entertainment industry, we enter the competitions or challenges that we can online. Some a dem have a cash prize, which is good, too.”

As part of the collective Unruly Skankaz, Devon Unruly has done choreography and has been featured in several music videos, including Stylez’s It’s A Pity and Shauna Chyn’s Money Team.

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