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National hero Marcus Garvey once said that without confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life; and that is the mantra on which 26-year-old Fabian Gardner is building his music career.

More popularly known on the entertainment circuit as Dejour, the up-and-coming artiste has big dreams, visions he hopes will catapult him to the top of Jamaica’s music industry before crossing over to become an international force.

In an interview with THE STAR, Dejour revealed that he knew he wanted to be an entertainer when he began singing in the church at four years old.

“I’ve been singing since I was a child. I was maybe four years old when I started singing in church and realised that I could really sing. I know it’s cliche, but I really did fall in love with music. I chose it because it’s the only real love I know,” he said. “My professional journey, however, started six years ago when I won the KFC On The Verge talent competition in 2014. I got a mad highlight at the Youth View Awards (YVAs) and I got to perform alongside man like Ding Dong and Kranium. That experience gave me the exposure I needed to tell myself to get moving.”

Go the journey alone

Although he made the decision then to kick-start his musical career, Dejour would often go the journey alone. He had no support from family and says that left a void he doesn’t always feel comfortable addressing.

“I always had that voice and talent that I knew would take me places but I never had the support. I don’t really like speaking about how I grew up because of that. I grew up without my mom and dad. Any pain that I felt, I used music to make me feel better, hence my crazy love for it,” he said. “It’s that love that kept me going. A my thing dat weh me cling to; good times, bad times, a di music keep me moving forward.”

Speaking of moving forward, Dejour, who is currently promoting his latest single, Perfect Story, produced by Bloodline Records, says he knows his break is coming, and when it happens, the only way to go will be forward.

“To be recognised on a global scale for my gifts as a yute from the inner-city is one of my biggest dreams. I think I’m real different from the average and I’m sure sooner or later my music is gonna blow up. I’ve worked hard over the years and I’m very confident I’m gonna be the next big thing,” he said. “The most challenging thing for me in this pursuit of music was my confidence. I was scared to perform on stage but I’m all over that now. My ultimate goal going forward is to rep Jamaica worldwide, and give myself and family a better life even as I try to create more resources for Jamaican artistes to be heard.”

Biggest inspirations: Vybz Kartel, Burna Boy and Chris Brown

Other singles currently promoting: SEXY19 and PARTY, produced by Dejour and KLJ records.

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