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Entertainer Deno Crazy has been occupying the YouTube trending chart in the region with his single Polo Fi Days.

The track has attracted more than 90,000 YouTube streams since debuting on October 29.

“The feedback is crazy, mi nuh get no bad comments,” Deno Crazy told THE STAR. “Everybody a seh mi fi continue and everybody a seh mi fi do it because mi sound good and mi have style with it. Right now mi a hope for more radio play and for it to be picked up in the streets, garrison, uptown, everywhere.”

Few comedians have had success venturing into music but Deno Crazy has managed to distinguish his brands and be taken seriously as an artiste. Interestingly, Polo Fi Days was actually inspired by his Deno the Chappa comedy series which premiered in August. The film production sees him as a trying scammer of sorts and aspiring artiste who is never seen without his clothespinned polo tag. Producer Week.day of Tru Ambassador Next Generation caught wind of the viral series and suggested that he records a song based on the “Polo fi days” tagline synonymous with the show’s protagonist.

“I have a little home studio at my house so at the time mi just go on YouTube and find a beat and mi write the song in one day,” Deno Crazy shared.

He is no newcomer to the music scene. With his desk and songwriting skills, he was putting on lunchtime concerts for his classmates as a student of Ewarton High School.

“My father did music and my uncle dem a big musician weh play in church and have dem band so mi a follow music from mi young.”

He made his recording debut in 2019 with Right Yah Suh alongside Week.day, and has since added Fake and Brinks (with Week.day and 1 Dantae) to his catalogue. Tru Ambassador Next Generation is behind his productions.

“Tru Ambassador is like my blood family, my first cousin dem, so they just know seh mi have talent from mi young and always deh round me fi try ensure seh mi good and mi a go inna the right direction,” he said.

But despite his growing popularity in music, he won’t be transitioning full-time to the industry.

“Comedy is my passion and it put me where I’m at right now so mi cya put that aside,” he said. “Mi a look fi do short films and movies through my own production company, Deno Crazy Entertainment. Mi do my thing naturally; mi nuh force comedy or certain things. Mi nuh sound like mi a try or mi nuh sound like mi just a start do music. People just gravitate to mi and dem just like fi see mi, so anything I do they support me.”

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