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Popular disc jockey DJ Antsman has been playing the entertainment field for a few years, scoring several personal goals locally and internationally.

After tasting success in the industry, he launched a beverage company, Yaaad Jelly, in Jamaica last June.

“It’s all about being smart,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR in regard to individuals having a start-up business that they can expand on. The idea to start bottling coconut water was sparked by a visit to the country a few months into the pandemic.

“The summer season was upon us and it was a hot day in the yard where a jelly tree did deh bout. I decided to raid it and same time me say, it would be a good business going forward. With the time getting hot, not everybody will want to drink artificially sweetened sodas and those things. Plus, we know some of the coconut waters sold in the supermarkets have preservatives to make them last longer,” DJ Antsman shared. “Now, exactly a year later, I’ve established good relationships with farmers in the countryside, some located in Linstead. On the marketing side, I am increasing my knowledge and using that to become more visible to the public. Jelly coconut is not just nourishment, but a natural part of Jamaica’s rich and sweet culture.”

DJ Antsman, who earned the title of ‘Golden Boy’, after winning the 2018 Your View Awards for DJ-Selector of the year, and recently, the 2020 Reggae Dancehall Award for Best DJ, says he is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude to business to young people.

“Given that I’m considered an influential ambassador, I make it my duty to always advocate for something good like healthy living to the youths. So, why not try to put it into a business and make money at the same time?” he reasoned.

The disc jockey’s business ventures do not end with Yaaad Jelly, as he is currently laying the foundation for Chip City Rentals, a car-rental company.

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