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When the police interrupted the Verzuz clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer on the evening of May 23, Beenie Man asked a question that reverberated, perhaps across the entire globe: Do you want to be that guy?

Capitalising on that viral statement, Beenie Man has now released a T-shirt line as well as a song, titled Do You Want to Be That Guy?, which chronicles the historic occasion.

“It’s my phrase, so it makes sense that I benefit from it, and plus, I wanted to sing about the clash anyway. It was such a great thing that I had to write a song,” Beenie Man told THE STAR.

The King of the Dancehall said he didn’t have to write down the lyrics for the Natural Bond Entertainment and Sponge Music-produced song, as it just flowed. “Me never haffi build the lyrics. It tells the story of what happened, so everything just came natural,” he explained, adding that in the single he asks the questions Do you want to be that guy to stop dancehall from rising? Do you want to be that guy to stop the Jamaican flag from flying?

Protruding belly

The tees capture a silhouette of Beenie Man, posing sideways, showing off another aspect of the clash that took on a life all of its own – his protruding belly. They are available in a variety of colours and can be ordered online.

Beenie Man explained that they were done in tandem with the Verzuz organisers, who gave their seal of approval. It comes with a bar code which says “scan and listen Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer”.

“The clash was just us showing the world how the clash thing is really done and show how dancehall music can have joy. With me and Bounty is was full of love. It was the real thing. You can fake nuff things but you can’t fake what happened with us at Verzuz,” he said. “If we can bring that love, then it can spread across the whole music industry because that is what we need now.”

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