Don’t single out artistes – Entertainers say Bounty Killer’s ‘gun supply’ statements are too narrow | Entertainment

Hours after Monday’s ‘movie-like’ gun battle between police officers and gunmen on Trafalgar Road, veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer took to social media to voice his disgust at the country’s growing crime situation.

Lashing out at some of his colleagues in particular, Bounty Killer said that having contributed to the free flow of weapons, artistes are a big part of the problem.

But while understanding his message, at least two entertainers told THE STAR that they believe the deejay went about it the wrong way.

“I am definitely in support of the disgust at the crime rate and the gruesome killings and robberies. I am very disgusted that most of the victims of these crimes are underage kids, women, elderly people. Things are crazy, and it makes me angry. But mi nuh fully agree wid di statement Bounty make ’bout artistes a supply guns,” said selector Foota Hype.

Shoulder some of the blame

He said that while entertainers should shoulder some of the blame, other parties and entities should do so as well.

“Artistes buy gun, area leaders buy guns, politicians buy guns, corrupt police buy guns. It look like Bounty Killer a blame artistes and me nuh agree wid dat,” he said. “A di same way Andrew (Prime Minister Andrew Holness) come out wah day and gwaan like a entertainment alone contribute to certain things. When yah make statements like these yuh affi be very careful how yuh point fingers,” he said. “Mi know whole heap a politician weh get charged fi illegal guns, lots of police officers get lock up fi corruption … so do not come out and utter in reference to one sector.”

Dancehall artiste Gold Gad said that while he understands Bounty Killer’s statements were coming from a place of sheer frustration, as a public figure he should have done things differently. “Yuh can’t preach against violence but at the same time a say yah badman and yuh fully violent against yuh co-workers. Mi against artistes weh buy guns, and a nuff man inna music out deh a do foolishness and preach badness. But Bounty just never say it right. Mi agree wid weh him a preach just not how him preach it,” he said.

Gold Gad added “Him shoulda just say him hope all a di criminal dem get ketch and put to justice. Him fi just look into weh him say and take some time out and write it back inna better terms.”

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