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Reflecting on a childhood where he struggled with ridicule for ‘looking different’, Dotta Coppa says that it did not discourage his ambition to be more in the public eye.

“You can’t please people because the moment you try to do what they think is best for you, is the moment you get on the wrong track,” he told THE STAR.

Last year, Dotta Coppa was part of a special project that involved a collective of international acts recording a version of Gregory Isaacs’ biggest hit Night Nurse, earmarked to assist COVID-19 workers and entertainers whose livelihoods were affected.

He says that if he had allowed persons’ opinions of his image to get in the way of his career, he would have missed out on history-making opportunities like that one.

“Take for example the recent appearance of Grammy kid Koffee in the Calvin Klein campaign. A lot of people not going to like it but same time, there are a lot of people who going like it. If she made what people said to her get to her, she wouldn’t take up these global endorsements,” he said. “You can’t and should not tell a woman what to do with her body; that is what I am saying in my song. Being confident does not mean that you shouldn’t think about the things that are said, but you have to believe in and please yourself first. It is about feeling confident in the skin you are in.”

The song he speaks of is Work, which is one of 14 tracks featured on his album We Love Dancehall. Today makes exactly one year since it was released by Germany-based Dancehall Station Productions and he celebrates the anniversary with the music video, a well-timed tribute on International Women’s Day.

“There will definitely be a lot of songs going out today adding to a long list of songs celebrating women, but there can never be too much. One thing I must say though, is that this is not the usual song with hidden sexual innuendos,” he said.

Last December, the recording artiste and his team completed an Instagram campaign for the song, as females were invited to submit videos being themselves through dancehall influencer TC. The final product is a compilation of the best videos.


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